About Us

Our Story

With a shared goal of finding a convenient workspace and access to real-time information, the vision of Rimot evolved, as a solution to a common problem we all face. We provide features that includes bespoke information, customized to various neighborhoods, keeping people in the know about what is going on at disparate venues, real-time, provides opportunities for live check-ins, is user-friendly and has a visually-appealing, mobile-responsive design: all to create a socially-viable network for an ever-evolving community that seeks to digest real-time information of what's happening around town. As the Rimot team, our journey involved confronting a common problem: being unable to find a convenient place to do their work; and developing an application that provides an accessible solution by allowing users to find a place where they can do their work, providing real time status on the volume of a particular place, amenities available, time limits, etc.

Key features
  • Allows users to search either their vicinity or other neighborhoods for available places.
  • Users are able to access a live chat and find out the status of a particular place, as well as amenities provided.
  • Places can use this tool to try and keep up business flow during their slower hours.
  • Responsiveness.

Meet Our Team

Robert Perea-Martinez

My name is Robert Perea-Martinez, and I am currently a student at the Columbia Engineering Coding Bootcamp. I enjoy the challenge as well as the opportunity to become a Fullstack Javascript Developer.

James Tagorda

I have 20–plus years exploiting advanced technologies to improve web-user experiences, and definitive expertise in conceiving and implementing internet solutions.

Michael Rosario

Michael Rosario is a web developer, designer, project manager and the owner of Elemento, Inc. He provides online solutions by creating websites, banner ads, html emails and anything and everything from the web!

Danny Lee

Danny is currently enrolled as a student at Columbia Unversity's Engineering Fullstack Bootcamp and looking to persue a full-time (perminant) career as a developer. He has had a diverse work history ranging from politics to menswear design.

Clifton Williams

Clifton Williams is seeking to make a career change after coming from the field of teaching and working on website projects for Brooklyn churches. He is looking to expand his knowledge and explore his intellectual curiosity further in the new, uncharted waters of coding